dream your dreams
with open eyes
and make
them come true.

                -- t. e. lawrence

    riding with the sun, music and stories by david soubly

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Find Musical Magic and Stories of the Heart.

Join a lifelong search for peace and healing through music, stories and poetry.

Of Santa Claus, Miracles, Holiday Tales for Children.

Hi.  My name is David Soubly (pronounced "Soo-blee").  And I wish I could make up my mind.  

You see, my life has involved constant tension between the equally strong pulls of music and writing.  I've penned numerous short stories and a full-length novel, always exploring themes of the heart -- whether these themes are children's holiday stories about the struggle to do good things despite adversity ("The Fifth Reindeer," "The Toy Home," "The Legend of Rudolf," "The Miracle Fountain") or more difficult adult themes, such as child abuse ("SummerDance", in development) or business models gone awry (the novel, "Santa, CEO").

Piano Improvisations that Explore and Heal.

The essence of music is exploration and journey, and the best music offers a limitless capability to heal and to communicate, far beyond the prison of the written word.  I've sought through music to share both my feelings and the impact on my soul of world events -- be they as simple as the struggle of a sea turtle to lay her eggs ("The Sea Turtle," song and poem from "The Blessings of Our Days" (2001)) or as complex and dark as the events of September 11 ("September 11," song and poem "When, Against Blue Morning", also from "The Blessings of Our Days".  In addition to "Blessings," I've produced two other CD's, "Spun Glass" (2000), a collection of gentle improvisations, and "Spain" (2002), a technically challenging, brooding collection organized around the theme of the pilgrimage hike known as the "Camino".

Poems that Stand Alone or Deepen the Listening Experience.

In "The Blessings of Our Days," I've experimented with connecting music to poems meant to deepen the listening experience.  As an antidote to "September 11" and all the horror that it conveys, I offer up the simple strength of the title cut, and within the poem attempt to capture the crux of our experience:

Oh, it's so brief and beautiful,
can we ever choose against
wind on trees,
sun shattered waves,
the great and distant blue?...

Then stop, oh stop we must
and cast our tears
shelve time
and breathe
for it is all and always here
and if we must mark at all
let us choose to mark
the blessings of our days.

I invite you to join in my life celebration, expressed through music that I offer with a sincere wish that it will in some ways bring peace to our troubled times.